Closure of Pizza Fritz: employees cry from the heart

On March 12, the administration of the restaurant announced via its Facebook page, a temporary closure. “Pizza Fritz Inc will be closing its doors indefinitely, starting Sunday, March 20, 2022. For holidays and to manage business-related issues. Thank you for understanding. “, could we read.

On April 16, the publication of a user announced the bankruptcy of the restaurant. Then contacted by VIVA MEDIA, the administration of the restaurant replied that their decision had not yet been made and that a reopening in mid-May was hoped for.

Now, on April 27, the restaurant administration officially announced the closure of the establishment. “For those who are wondering what is happening with the Pizza Fritz restaurant, we are indeed currently bankrupt. In 2013, Revenu Québec came to audit our books and since we have nothing to hide, we gave them access, but what they did instead was reconstruct the sales from breads to club, hot dog buns, hamburger buns and pizza boxes. We did the same exercise at the time with our accountant to show them that their calculations were wrong, but it was a waste of time. We also had the calculation done by an independent accounting firm. Today, 3 lawyers later, and several thousand dollars swallowed up in this endless legal battle of David against Goliath, we unfortunately had to give up and send all our employees out of work”.

Came back to Quebec

According to one of the restaurant’s fourteen employees, Revenu Québec has extended the course discounts over the past 9 years, thus driving the restaurant administration up against the wall. Moreover, despite the numerous documents submitted by the company, the proceedings never ceased. “I am currently speaking on behalf of 14 Pizza Fritz employees who have been loyal to them for several years and who are also irreplaceable friends and bosses. In addition to all working together during our holidays planned activities. We are a tight-knit family. We can’t sit idly by and do nothing,” says the employee.

If the closure of the restaurant caused a shock wave among the customers, it caused a real slaughter among the employees for whom the restaurant is a second home. Year after year, they have forged an indelible bond with the owners. They are rising up against what he considers to be an injustice and are desperately looking for a solution to avoid the closure of this place, appreciated by Campivallensiens.

These last years have not spared the managers of the establishment. Let’s remember the fire that reduced the building to ashes in the summer of 2021. Resilient, they rolled up their sleeves and rebuilt while facing, in parallel, disputes with Revenu Québec. Then, the COVID forced them to close and suffer losses. Despite everything, the owners have once again risen to their feet.

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