Cognac: merguez instead of chicken on his pizza, he pulls out a machete!

To enhance his pleasure, he orders a chicken supplement. Arrived on the spot, horror! The cooks made a mistake. Instead of the chicken, beautiful slices of merguez were delicately positioned on the object of the offence. Immediately, a stormy discussion begins between the customer and the employees of Domino’s Pizza.

The offense seems too serious. The young man then decides to return to his vehicle, retrieves a machete and demands his chicken! Raised in the open air, history does not say so. Tempered by his companion, the excited fortunately did not strike anyone. Sensing the situation was getting out of hand, management had wisely called the police. Arrived on the spot, the Cognaçais was arrested then placed in police custody and released the next day. He will be summoned later by the court.

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