Completely waterproof iPhones and Apple Watches are in the pipeline

Currently, the devices are “water resistant” only. The situation could change in the coming years.

Regularly, Apple files new patents with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) in order to exploit possible new technologies. If some seem a little crazy, like the Star Trek communications system, others can lead to a real project. One of the latest patents filed by Apple concerns an integral sealing system for the iPhone and Apple Watch.

For now, the most recent iPhone models are water resistant for 30 minutes, 6 meters deep. Same story for the Apple Watch, capable of being dipped up to 50 meters deep. Rather respectable standards, but which could be lifted, making these two devices fully waterproof. A choice that would prove to be wise mainly for the Watch and divers, lovers of the depths.

Apple wants to allow the total sealing of these two products thanks to a kind of permeable cap. “A waterproof environmental sensing device with water sensing provisions includes an environmental sensor for sensing one or more properties environmentalspecifies Apple in its patent. the The device further includes an electronic integrated circuit implemented on a substrate and coupled to the environmental sensor via a wire bond. An air-permeable cap structure is formed above the environmental sensor, and a protective layer is formed above the wire binding to protect the wire binding from damage.”

By “environmental properties”, Apple refers to all substances that can affect the waterproofness of the device, such as salt or fresh water, oil or sunscreen for the skin or dust. As soon as the iPhone or Apple Watch detects such products via the sensor, the ‘hood’ will close automatically to protect the iPhone and its components.

There is no indication, however, whether this new waterproofing will be part of the new iPhone 14. On the other hand, the Apple Watch “Extreme” could benefit from it, in order for example to allow divers to reach new depths.

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