Contaminated Buitoni pizzas: 2 new cases of E. coli infection recorded in France

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Santé Publique France published on Thursday April 28 its update on April 25, 2022 on the grouped cases of haemolytic-uremic syndrome and E. coli infections, linked to the consumption of Fraîch’Up pizzas from the Buitoni brand. Two new cases have been identified

The Buitoni controversy continues to swell. Public Health France published, Thursday April 28, an update on April 25, 2022 on grouped cases of hemolytic and uremic syndrome and E. coli infections.

As a reminder, hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) is a serious disorder in which small blood clots form throughout the body, which obstruct the flow of blood to vital organs such as the brain, heart and kidneys. .

Santé Publique France first indicates that “the total number of HUS cases linked to the consumption of these pizzas seems to have stabilized since the withdrawal-recall” of products from the Fraich’Up range.

55 contaminations, including an adult

The number of cases in France now stands at 55 victims, against 53 during the previous assessment. Note that “these 55 cases” concern “54 children and 1 adult”, notes Public Health France.

“These 55 cases occurred in 12 regions of metropolitan France: Hauts-de-France (12 cases), Ile-de-France (9 cases), New Aquitaine (8 cases), Pays de la Loire (7 cases), Brittany (6 cases), Grand Est (3 cases), Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (2 cases), Occitanie (2 cases), Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (2 cases), Center Val-de-Loire (2 cases ), Bourgogne Franche-Comté (1 case) and Normandy (1 case)”, specifies the health organization. Here is the breakdown below.

The 54 sick children are aged from 1 to 17 years with a median age of 7 years; 24 (44%) are female; 47 (87%) presented with HUS, 7 (13%) with STEC gastroenteritis. Two children died. The adult did not present with HUS.

As a reminder, two children have died since the start of the case. The adult did not present HUS.

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