Corinne Masiero devastated by the death of a close friend, in mourning!

Corinne Masiero and Kev Adams at their worst, collapsed, they speak about the tragic death of their close friend Marianne Garcia.

The actress Marianne Garcia has just joined the stars at the age of 66. His most ill and collapsed comedy comrades, Kev Adams and Corinne Masiero speak out. Indeed, it was for them more than a colleague, a true friend. So, in this article, we tell you what happened and the tributes of his relatives on the web.

Corinne Masiero in mourning pays tribute to Marianne Garcia, who has just left us

Corinne Masiero is devastated following the disappearance of her friend. Indeed, the ch’tite must overcome the loss of Marianne Garcia, suffering from cancer and who did not win against the disease. She died on the night of Monday April 18 to Tuesday April 19, according to information from our colleagues from La Voix du Nord.

“For those of you who have met her, you know her big heart and her smile. Don’t hesitate to participate in this kitty as much as you can. You can accompany your donation with a message or an anecdote. Let’s warm our hearts in the light of the sweet memories shared with her, ”published his close entourage in a kitty created to pay tribute to him.

If you didn’t know, Corinne Masiero’s friend lived on the streets during her youth. After a spoiled childhood, she wanted to try her luck in the Parisian capital in the 1970s: “I was an abused child. My mother beat me and did not feed me, ”she confessed to our colleagues from Parisian.

Corinne Masiero’s friend had a very difficult youth.

“Allowances were spent on alcohol. My father ? I did not know him. At home, there were drafts everywhere. We lived with pigeons and rats as long as my forearm. My childhood was like Cosette’s, only trashier,” she explains.

However, luck finally smiled on her when she crossed paths with her husband. Moreover, when she registers for a casting in Comines in Belgium, it is the turning point of her life. Indeed, Corinne Masiero’s friend imagined participating in a game show, but the rest of the adventure was very different.

As proof, Marianne Garcia finally performed her first role in a film. “I was asked to dress up to create a carnival atmosphere. A man looks at me and laughs. I say to myself: ‘He is laughing at me’. I’m going to see him to yell at him. It was director Louis-Julien Petit. We became very close, ”she recalls to Actu.

The actress starred in Discount in 2015. Then it was Marianne Garcia who gave the reply to Corinne Masiero in Les Invisibles. In addition, we do not forget the feature film Mine de rien. Finally, more recently, she starred in the Christmas Flow and Retirement Home series with Kev Adams.

Kev Adams also winks at Marianne Garcia

Corinne Masiero is not the only one to be very saddened by this death. Indeed, comedian Kev Adams also wanted to pay tribute to him on his Instagram account.

“A huge actress left us, Marianne Garcia was an extraordinary woman and actress, with an unusual and inspiring story, who already during the filming of RETIREMENT HOME fought courageously against this shitty cancer. She moved us in the film Les Invisibles and made us cry with laughter in the role of Léontine. I know how proud she was of that movie.

Corinne Masiero

In addition to her talent, Kev Adams shares with us how endearing she was. Indeed, here are these touching words: “I will never forget his kindness, his humor and his courage. It was an honor to know you Marianne, I will never forget your valuable advice. Farewell Leontine. Farewell Marianne. Rest in peace, ”wrote the comedian completely upset.

Indeed, a wave of emotions shook France. For information, the funeral of Marianne Garcia should take place this Saturday April 23, 2022 at 12:30 p.m. at the Wattrelos crematorium.

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