Darty humiliates Apple and offers the Airpods Max headphones at a mini price

Darty offers you an exceptional offer: the Apple Airpods Max headphones at a bargain price! All the details of the offer are in this article.

AirPods Max: Credit: Apple

For all those looking for quality headphones without breaking the bank, we have found the offer that will meet all your expectations: right now at Darty, you can take advantage of an exceptional saving of -50€ on the headphones. ‘Apple, the Airpods Max!

Impossible to see this offer without sharing it, as reductions are rare on Apple products. As a bonus, by buying headphones from Darty, you also benefit from a 4-month subscription offered for Apple Music Special Family. You will be able to enjoy your headphones as soon as you receive them by listening to all your favorite titles for free.

Apple quality in a high-end audio headset

If we have decided to present this offer to you, it is really because the Airpods Max headphones are headphones not to be missed! With the latter, Apple has revolutionized the sector, in the first place thanks to its design which allows optimal comfort with very effective passive noise reduction. It thus offers pads up to the top of the headband and breathable mesh fabric.

It is equipped with 6 outward-facing microphones and thus offers you active noise reduction. It can therefore detect all the noises around you and cancel those that disturb your listening. You get an immersive experience and high-quality sound.

The Airpods Max are also equipped with an H1 chip in each earphone to give you the benefit of an exclusive acoustic design and exceptional audio processing. Thanks to 10 audio cores present in each chip, the headphones can adapt the sound according to the position of the headphones on your ears for a perfect listening experience.

The Airpods Max are what Apple knows how to do best and it would be a shame to miss out on this exceptional offer.

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