Death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut: a cemetery in the Somme stormed by curious people

The inhabitants of Bouvaincourt-sur-Bresle, in the Somme, have had enough of the parade of admirers of the presenter of 13 H of TF1 in search of his grave.

Many admirers of Jean-Pierre Pernaut want to pay him a last tribute almost two months after his death. The famous TF1 13 H presenter for 33 years died of lung cancer on March 2 at the age of 71. After a ceremony at the Sainte-Clothilde basilica, the journalist was buried in Amiens in his hometown. But the exact location was kept secret by his wife Nathalie Marquay in order to respect the privacy of the family.

His mother and grandparents buried in Bouvaincourt-sur-Bresle

This discretion arouses so much curiosity that false information circulates about his tomb. The town of Bouvaincourt-sur-Bresle, in the Somme, paid the price recently. The rumor circulated on the internet that the presenter was buried in the cemetery of the small town. The town hall is bombarded with emails and calls. When the municipal employees do not face curious people who come directly to the cemetery. “When I say that Jean-Pierre Pernaut is not buried in our town, I am suspected of hiding the truth, explains Georgia Gaudry, town hall secretary, to Le Point magazine. We think it’s a secret, we don’t don’t believe me!”

The town hall posted an update on its Facebook page to avoid the influx of curious people. “Our friend is not buried in our commune, only the burial of his parents and grandparents rests there, can we read. Thank you for sharing the information so that these rumors are less and less intensive and that our secretariat can find serenity and that Mr. Pernaut can rest in peace…”

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