Did the Eiffel Tower light up in the colors of PNL?

On the night of Thursday to Friday, the Eiffel Tower sported a superb blue and purple dress. Something to intrigue PNL fans, who saw it as a sign.

The story between PNL and the Eiffel Tower has an intimate value, and fans of the Corbeil group know it well. So when many pictures were published overnight from Thursday to Friday, revealing the Eiffel Tower adorned with blue and purple colors, symbol of his latest album Two brothers, the hyper-active QLF community thought it saw a sign. Especially since, for the first time in many months, the news is taking over for the Parisian duo, who will this week finally be able to start their tour across the whole of France, after two years of postponement.

NLP or Mickey?

On social networks, several accounts dedicated to PNL news have shared the photos and have hypothesized a work by Ademo and NOS. Moreover, this Friday afternoon, a Tesla dressed in the colors of the tour of Two brothers was sighted. Accustomed to spectacular communication shots, PNL fans quickly drew conclusions, hoping that the Eiffel Tower would light up in the colors of Two brothers.

After some research it seems rather that the Iron Lady was celebrating another event: the 30th anniversary of the Disneyland Paris park. Some people, close to the illuminations, have heard the title “Un monde qui s’illumine” resonate at the foot of the building. This is the anthem unveiled by Disneyland to celebrate its anniversary. Internet users even claim to have seen Mickey dancing near the Eiffel Tower. Additional detail: the Disneyland Paris celebrations have also opted for a gradient of blue and purple.

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Note that the PNL community is not the only one to have hoped for spectacular communication: fans of the BTS group have also been challenged. Finally, it is the little mouse with the big ears who will have the last word for this time. Despite everything, the PNL tour will definitely begin on May 5 in Lille, and will finally mark the return of the tandem, walled in silence for a very long time. Has the group planned any surprises for its fans for the occasion? Response in a handful of days now. Also: Drismer and PCN snubbed by rappers: “We only take winds”

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