Didier Geslin wants to sue the owner of the land

Information taken from the legal department of the Urban Community (CdA) of La Rochelle, the city councilor explains that he is right about the form and that it is well decided to have the skin of this automaton installed by the franchise. Gang of pizza by Stéphane Brillant. “In fact, it is not with regard to the PLUi that this poses a problem. But if we take into account the Coastal Risk Prevention Plan (PPRL), the location of this kiosk can be called into question by a civil action. »

Didier Geslin had indeed, after consulting the CdA, refused a few months back the installation of a mobile rotisserie located in the same PPRL zone as that of the pizza kiosk. “I can also attack under the Environmental Code for signs and pre-signs. »

Law void

For his part, Stéphane Brillant had always prided himself on taking advantage of a legal vacuum, “it exists and I am exploiting it. That the mayor find out from the CdA. I am in my most total right. There is private land, I ask myself. The PLUi provides for this type of service [propos du 16 février, NDLR]. »

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