Discover this pizza raclette machine from the brand which is a must this spring!

Are you looking for an original and very simple idea to concoct a good pizza? Well, why not give the quality product that is all the rage from Lidl a shot?

Lately, the must-have brand known as lidl never ceases to impress us with new products. Since this one is known in its product diversification, it unveils a whole new kitchen appliance that you are not ready to discover.

For this time, the company has bet on a piece that is completely practical and very easy to handle, and of course at a bargain price ! Indeed, here she comes out for us a very ideal kitchen item to make a good raclette. You are probably thinking that it is no longer winter and that it will not be a good investment. And if you are told that with the device, you could concoct pizza ?

Lidl always thinks of everything

As we’ve always known, the go-to brand is never late when it comes to releasing a new product. It’s just one of the reasons why the supermarket has become one of the most popular in France. For this spring season, which is already showing its way, Lidl is coming in force with a household appliance with an entirely original concept!

Since winter is already coming to an end, some people no longer use raclette machines. However, when we talk about the spring season, we must admit that it is the ideal time for the party. Have a good time with family, friends or colleagues while enjoying delicious barbecues or even a good pizza! Indeed, Lidl’s new product revolves around exactly that.

Yes, the German brand always finds a way to serve us with the right item at the right time. When we look at this product from Lidl, we can see that it looks like a raclette machine. Except that’s really not the case. The principle is the same, you can cook your minced meat, your cheeses or even your pieces of vegetables.

But what differentiates this pizza raclette machine from Lidl is that it heats up stronger inside. All the ingredients will therefore be cooked at the same temperature. Which will enhance their ultimate taste. The cheese will melt perfectly, the meat will be very juicy and the dough very tender.

A product suitable for everyone

Lidl hit hard with this new article. Indeed, this one is a bit special. While normal raclette appliances heat from above, this product works the other way around, that is to say from below. Yes, that’s why we keep telling you that this is the ideal tool for cooking your pizza properly.

In addition to that, this device from Lidl is very easy to handle. You won’t need to follow a long protocol to use it. All the more, you can cook a large pizza dough with it! In fact, it has a big space capable of cooking 4 pizzas simultaneously! Why hesitate to invest in a product that will save you time?

With this special raclette grill from Lidl, you can therefore combine several pizzas at the same time. It can also take on the function of an electric oven. Indeed, as we said in the paragraph above, this one has a cooking space below. You therefore have the possibility of cooking other good dishes apart from pizza such as: lasagna or even vegetable gratin.

Want pizza ideas you can cook with this product from Lidl? Well, you are served. For example, you could opt for cheese or ham for the filling. Or some mushrooms and pieces of vegetables sautéed in advance. Top it off with tomato sauce and a little mayonnaise.

Lidl: Their way of building customer loyalty

As we have all seen with almost all the products of the must-have brand Lidl, it always spoils its customers with quality parts at low prices. Yes, the German brand has kept this principle from the moment it was born.

If we talk about the pizza raclette machine, the new product of the German brand, you can get it for just €29.99. An amount that is very low compared to the benefits you will receive. So, what are you waiting for to land in the Lidl stores closest to you? The delicious convivial meal is not going to cook itself.

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