DMA: what are Apple’s new obligations going to be?

In a recent document posted online, the European Commission specified certain conditions for the application of the Digital Market Act weighing on the platforms. He thus created a new status, that of access controllers, in which Apple, Facebook, Microsoft or Google will fit. These companies are indeed considered as businesses, which play a particularly important, entrenched and lasting role in the internal market, due to their size and their importance as gateways for business users to reach their customers.

The agreement therefore retains ten essential platform services among which are the engines of online searchthe services of social networks online, the services of sharing platforms of videos, the services of messaging or advertising, or the browsers

In the medium term, Apple will have to allow users to access app stores and third-party payment systems. At the Message level, the firm will have to work on its interoperability with other messaging applications – including iMessage, WhatsApp Messenger and Messenger.

Failing this, any offender will be exposed to a financial fine can go up to 10% of total annual turnover of the company in the world or 20% in case of repeated infringements and penalties (and this, in a maximum of 5% of the total daily turnover of the company in the world).

Obviously, even if Cupertino prides itself on respecting the standards, it is not frankly delighted by these modifications.. Thus, on March 25, she renewed her fears about the consequences of AMD and creating unnecessary privacy and security vulnerabilities for usersraising unjustified bans to charge for intellectual property in which it invests heavily.

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