Do not touch my post: A columnist confides in his health problems

Absent many times on the set of TPMPNicolas Pernikoff told our colleagues at Tele-Leisure suffer from strange memory lapses. Worried about his health, the former program director of France Télévisions explained that he had very disabling disorders that could make him forget “a first name at the minute, dates”. Completely lost and not knowing why he suffers from these ailments, he confides: “I don’t know if it was when I caught the Covid, I had a little personal concern, which I can’t explain. I had memory problems at one point. I was able to forget a name by the minute, dates, crazy things that happened to me“.

I no longer knew what I wanted to say

Unable to hold a conversation, he could therefore no longer go to the set of Do not touch My TV against Cyril Hanouna. “I was more and more anxious. From time to time, it happened to me on the air to look for stuff. It even happened to me to stop a sentence. I no longer knew what I wanted to say“, adding that it would have been useless on the air and that Cyril Hanouna”could no longer lean on him“.

A few days ago, Delphine Wespiser – who recently indicated that she wanted to block Emmanuel Macron during the presidential election – also confided to being the victim of memory loss and tremors. For her part, the former Miss France put this symptom more on the account of her vaccination against Covid-19 without being able to prove it scientifically. “I’m super healthy, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I’ve never had a health problem, well since “that” (note: the vaccine)my periods, when I was set at thirty, it’s absolutely nonsense, in the same way, I’m shaking […] And I also have memory loss since “that”. I used to have an infallible memory…“, she confided on the set of TPMP April 6, 2022.

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