Dreamtronic raises its head with breakthrough technology

Shortage of equipment imported from Asia, positions left vacant, customers…

Shortage of equipment imported from Asia, positions left vacant, customers to be won back, schedules with holes… the nightmare of the Covid-19 was not behind it when the Périgord manufacturer of tactile gaming tables had to learn without delay to deal with the new challenges raised by the end of the crisis, in a world where trade has been permanently shaken.

“We had barely had time to rejoice in the reopening of restaurants, which were and remain our main customers, that we had to deal with the absence of screens and the speculation exerted on the prices of components” , admits Olivier Defaux, the CEO of the SME based in Marsac-sur-l’Isle (Dordogne) and Angoulême (Charente), in the pool of companies specializing in the production of video games.

“We have been working to try to improve our manufacturing processes”

If there is one constant that has helped the company get through this bad patch, it is the motivation of the teams responsible for developing the company’s digital products. Olivier Defaux relied on it during the pandemic to try to think “after”. “We have worked to try to improve our manufacturing processes, but also to renew our suppliers in Europe to secure our supplies which are no longer guaranteed in Asia”, indicates the person concerned.

Even better, the company took advantage of the decline in its activity to carry out a revolutionary project: the design of a screen equipped with a sterilization system by UVC radiation. Exit liquid products that can be toxic to health. “The technology integrated into the screen makes it possible to eliminate the DNA of germs present on the surface within 20 to 30 seconds”, develops the CEO of Dreamtronic, who had sensed the interest of such a device already well before the crisis. “The pandemic has pushed us to accelerate our research, says Olivier Defaux. Even if the Covid-19 epidemic were to be completely curbed, consumer expectations in terms of hygiene have clearly evolved in recent months. »

Phenomenal stakes

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