E.coli in Buitoni pizzas: “Our daughter is in a vegetative state”, the ordeal of the parents of Léna, 12

Infected in mid-February by the E.coli bacteria present in a pizza from Buitoni’s “Fraich’Up” range, Léna, 12, is still in a vegetative state. His parents testify.

“She was at the gates of death. She is now locked up in her body”. The parents of Léna, 12, infected in February by the E.coli bacteria after eating a pizza from the Fraîch’Up range of the Buitoni brand, testify to their ordeal. A “real nightmare” which has been going on for two months now.

She passed out

This family has a ritual: a pizza, twice a month, to make meal preparation easier. Except that, four days after having consumed this famous contaminated pizza, it is the tragedy for Léna. “She had severe pain in her stomach,” Sophie told RMC. “Then she had diarrhea, with blood. Five minutes later, she passed out. I took her to the hospital. They found inflammation in the intestines. They just told me to go home, call the doctor.”

ud83dudd34 RMC testimony – Léna is a victim of the Buitoni scandal. His parents tell of the devastation caused by the bacteria present in pizzas.

“When we came back to the hospital, she had already left, there was already no more reaction. Her brain is inert”. #ApollineMatin pic.twitter.com/LOJbhnTEZy

– Apolline Matin (@ApollineMatin) April 12, 2022

The pains not going away, little Léna was brought back to the emergency room the same evening. “She had no more stools, she only had blood. She was bleeding, she was bleeding…”, explains her mother. This is where the presence of the E.coli bacteria will be confirmed after analysis.

They made the decision to put her in a coma, to avoid too much pain, to alleviate her suffering a little.

Then the exams show “big lesions”, “in the frontal lobe and on the back of the brain”. Léna is in a vegetative state, she no longer speaks, cannot see and is fed by nasogastric tube. “Today they can’t tell us if she’ll make it“, worry the parents. “Our life is broken”, they conclude at the microphone of our colleagues, moved.

They appeal to the Minister of Health

Our colleagues indicate that Cédric and Sophie have taken legal action, by filing a complaint. They say they “regret” the silence of Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health. The father asks for “more control” in the food factories.

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