E Ink Launches Gallery 3, Faster, 50,000 Color E Ink Technology

PARIS, April 26 (Benin News / EP) –

E-ink announced the launch of E Ink 3 Gallery, a color electronic ink technology for the next generation of eReaders and eNotes, which offers faster refresh times and is capable of displaying more than 50,000 different colors.

E Ink Gallery is based on the ePaper E Ink ACeP Advanced Color platform, which achieves a full color gamut through a system of Four-particle ink system: cyan, magenta, yellow and white.

Having this color generation platform allows the eReader to adapt this color system to provide a full range of colors in each of its pixels.

“For the first time ever, our full color ink Gallery series of platforms can be used for an enhanced experience Company CEO Johnson Lee said, “eNotes can be used for an enhanced e-book reading and shopping experience and for viewing color documents on eNotes.

This new technology features improvements over the first generation of the E Link Gallery. These include the black and white refresh time, which can reach 350 milliseconds (ms), or 0.35 seconds.

Additionally, it offers more color levels than previous technologysuch as Fast Color Mode, which updates in 500ms, Standard Color Mode, which updates in 750-1000ms, and Best Quality Color, which updates in 1500ms.

These improvements are also visible in the refresh time during black and white display, which was previously two seconds, and in the color display, which recorded ten seconds.

Another difference in this E Ink version is the screen resolution: while the Gallery E Link previously reached 150 dpi, the Gallery 3 achieves 300 dpias well as an operating temperature of 0-50 degrees Celsius on black and white eReaders.

Besides, E Ink Gallery 3 supports the following pen input light pen for black and white display, with the addition of several other colors and a refresh time of 30 ms.

Another of its outstanding features is the front light. ComfortGaze -already integrated in E Link Kaleido, which provides an optimal viewing experience and reduces exposure to blue light during reading.

This launch is also complemented by color printing technology. E Link Kaleido 3to offer customers different color options and that they can adapt them on their devices.

However, unlike that other technology, announced a few days ago, which was touted as having 16 grayscales and 4096 colors, E Ink Gallery 3 can display more than 50,000 different colorsas reported by The Verge.

The company also pointed out that this technology is capable of adapt to the needs of foldable devices, book-like devices, and winding.

E Ink Gallery 3 joins the catalog of new launches that the manufacturer presented last month, among which the electronic labeller E-ink Spectra 3100 Plus there E Ink Gallery Pluselectronic paper technology for signage.

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