eight feminist tales for an unclassifiable series

In one of the eight episodes of the anthology Roars (available on Apple TV+ since April 15), we see a character played by Nicole Kidman (also executive producer of the series) in the process of “eating old photos”. Literally. But this plot element “is not a spoiler”, hastens to specify the site IndieWire. Because the episode in question – entitled “The one who ate the photos” – is like all those of Roars : it immediately announces the color, from the title.

Viewers will thus discover, in turn, “The one who sat on a shelf” (an ex-model played by Betty Gilpin, whom her husband displays like a trophy in his living room); “The One With Bites On Her Skin” (a brilliant venture capitalist whose skin becomes covered in ominous marks upon her return from maternity leave); or even “The one who met an ugly duckling” (an episode which features a thirty-year-old Merritt Wever and a

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