Elisabeth Moss captivating in a disconcerting thriller

Past, present and future merge for the heroine of this fantastic series, survivor of a terrible attack. A strange dive into the effects of trauma, carried by its actress but ultimately disappointing.

After having embodied the discreet but formidable Peggy Olson in madmenan investigator scarred by sexist and sexual violence in Top of the Lake as well as June Osborne, prisoner of a dystopian America, in The Handmaid’s TaleElisabeth Moss once again assumes the role of a woman struggling against the pangs of patriarchy, on the breach but obstinate, in The Shining Girls. Captivating, tortured, on the edge of madness, the actress carries with the same talent and the same energy this disconcerting series, stuck between genres.

In this hybrid thriller, Kirby Mazrachi, a Chicago newspaper archivist, struggles to rebuild his life after a bloody assault. When the body of a young woman is found dead after having suffered similar abuse, Kirby decides to investigate in order to find the attacker, supported by Dan Velazquez, a lost but determined journalist. Past, present and future then seem to merge for the young woman, to the point of no longer distinguishing reality from fiction.

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