Emilie and Frederick (Married at first sight 2022) still together or divorced? The astonishing revelation

Since March 21 and the first episode of Married at first sight 2022, several couples have said “yes” to Gibraltar, with more or less success. Alicia and Bruno would still be together, after a real crush, just like Paulina and Damian. On the other hand, it is not the same story for carolina and Axel. The young woman did not match with her husband at all and since then she has been the target of a lot of criticism. Jennifer and Eddy are also reportedly separated at this time. But what about for Emilie and Frederick ? Aqababe seems to have the answer.

Are Emilie and Frédérick still married?

On his Instagram account, the blogger explains that their marriage did not last. Emilie and Frédérick would even have divorced well before the broadcast of the show. Surprising news since the two newlyweds had a real crush during the ceremony and found themselves full of points in common.

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