Emilie Nef Naf and Sofiane Tadjine as a couple: how their romance was born “by chance”

Sofiane Tadjine is no longer crazy about Nabilla Benattia or Nicki, the mother of her son Neo (4 years old). Today, it is with Emilie Nef Naf that he spins the perfect love. An idyll recently formalized. For the first time, the former candidate of Angels (NRJ12) confided behind the scenes of their couple, during his visit to the show At Jordan’sfor Entertainment TV.

Sofiane Tadjine and Emilie Nef Naf have been in a relationship for a few months now. And we have to believe that it was fate that brought them together again since they found each other”by chance on a street corner. It was then that the former reality TV candidates, who had shared a common adventure in Reality TV Angels 3 (2011) reconnected. “We had already fallen in love a few years ago but it was not the right timing. We met then she made her life, she became a mother and went to live abroad“, entrusted the singer of 41 years revealed in 2004 in the star Academy.

But time has done it well. And during the interview revealed in part by Entertainment TV, he raved about his beauty. “We are very complicit. She has the intelligence of the heart. I find her very smart. She’s a single mom and I think she’s doing very, very well. I find her very brave. I was raised by a single mother so I know what it’s like and it’s not always easy“, he continued.

His meeting with the children of Emilie Nef Naf

Since they are a couple, Sofiane Tadjine has had the opportunity to meet Maëlla and Menzo (9 and 7 years old), the children that Emilie Nef Naf had with footballer Jérémy Ménez. And the agreement seems to be in good shape: “They are good little kids, they are very intelligent. And she’s a good mom who explains things well. It will be the same if I introduce Emilie to my son.“Today he is not ruling out the idea of ​​being a dad again, as he would like to have a little girl.”God willing, as they say“, he concluded. It was by posting a photo of Emilie Nef Naf and him kissing that Sofiane formalized their couple on Instagram. “Against all odds… because in truth we deserve… love is neither reasoned nor reasonable… just obvious… an intuition… I wish you this from the bottom of my heart. .. you know me…“, he wrote in the caption of the publication.

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