employees challenge hybrid work policy in open letter

The tech giant’s back-to-office policy is likely to cost it dearly. Indeed, the dissatisfaction of Apple employees is such that the company could be faced with a wave of resignations from next week.

A group of employees wrote an open letter to the company’s management complaining about the hybrid working system. To be more specific, Apple has announced that returning to the office is mandatory for employees. However, they may be teleworking for a maximum of four weeks per year. Therefore, they will only be able to work remotely one to two days a week.


Tim Cook forces employees to return to work in the office

Recently, Tim Cook sent a note to employees telling them they would have to return to the office on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. And most employees will be allowed to continue working remotely twice a week.

According to Cook, the benefits of in-person collaboration are irreplaceable and the live chat with colleagues is very important. The hybrid system the company has in place is different from other companies because only Wednesdays and Fridays will be flexible. Thus, employees will be able to work entirely remotely for a maximum of four weeks per year.

What does the open letter say?

Employees are outraged by Apple’s decision because the majority of them want to retain the ability to work remotely. This is why the Apple Together group defending this position published an open letter. According to them, physical presence is not even necessary in some cases. They also refuted Tim Cook’s arguments, arguing that Apple’s siled office structure makes it difficult for colleagues to meet.

They also wrote that even remote tools like Slack were better for collaboration. And even if the company were considering decompartmentalising offices, it will limit the focus that is needed for creativity and deep thinking. Note that the discontent of Apple employees are growing lately.



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