“Everything is fake”: Matthieu Delormeau clashes with Celine Dion after his bad experience

Saturday April 30, 2022, Matthieu Delormeau reacted to the cancellation of Celine Dion’s concerts planned in Europe, on the set of TPMP People.

On Friday April 29, 2022, Celine Dion fans learned terrible news: the cancellation of her concerts scheduled in Europe this year. In a video posted on social media and YouTube, the 54-year-old Canadian appears weakened and saddened to have to once again postpone his tour. “The first time was obviously because of the pandemic and this time it is my health that forces me to postpone the shows of the European tour and unfortunately to cancel some others” she explained in particular.

Sad news for the one who suffers from muscle spasms that prevent her from being able to perform her concerts. Saturday April 30, Matthieu Delormeau spoke about the artist’s announcement on the set of TPMP People. If he does not question his state of health, he denounces the constant staging of a “american style showtime” from Celine Dion.

Matthieu Delormeau recounts his bad experience at the Celine Dion concert.

If the television host is so critical of Celine Dion, it’s because he keeps a mixed review of a concert in Las Vegas. He said that the singer had to perform the title Do not leave meby Jacques Brel but that she had warned her public that she was very touched by this song and that she didn’t know if she would manage to sing it. “There she sings, and after a precise minute and a half, she turns around. She’s crying. Black light. She comes back and she says ‘I’m sorry, I couldn’t finish’” he recounted.

Finally, Matthieu Delormeau was again invited to Celine Dion’s concert, two days later. On the set of C8he said he had lived again the same experience, to the nearest second and that once again she hadn’t finished the song. He then continued: “And there you say to yourself, this girl, everything is fake“. A bad experience for those who find that the artist plays too much emotion map daily.


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Celine Dion
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