Faced with Apple, here is the equivalent of the Mac Mini under Windows 11

News good plan Faced with Apple, here is the equivalent of the Mac Mini under Windows 11

It was while scrolling the Boulanger site in search of interesting promotions that we came across this product… which we did not know. The ideacentre AIO 5 27IOB6-945 (full names are always to be laid out) is a fairly powerful PC, which has the particularity of being contained in a small box instead of a large tower and of being sold with a screen. When you look at it, it’s a bit reminiscent of Apple’s famous Mac Mini. And you know what ? The price is really good!

A good price for a fixed PC of this caliber, screen included

After some quick research, it seems that this ideacentre AIO 5 was launched at nearly 1600€, which is frankly expensive considering the components of the beast. Fortunately, the promotion of Boulanger is very aggressive.

What components are we talking about? Here is a brief summary (we will get into the details later):

  • Graphic card : Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050
  • Processor : Intel Core i5-10400T
  • RAM : 16 GB DR4
  • Storage : 512 GB NVMe SSD
  • Screen : 27 inches, QHD, with webcam and microphone
  • His : JBL speakers, Harman certified and Dolby premium sound
  • Windows 11 included

All this in a super original format, and above all particularly practical and aesthetic. This is called a “all in one computer”. For a tower and a screen with similar characteristics, it would not be surprising to pay something like 1200€.

There, thanks to the reduction of -37% displayed at Boulanger, Lenovo’s ideacentre costs €999. The giant Lenovo proves once again that it is capable of having one of the best value for money on the market (as is the case for the Legion 5 gaming laptops for example).

Buy the Lenovo ideacentre at €999 at Boulanger

A good fixed Apple-style PC, versatile between teleworking and gaming

Let’s be clear from the outset: it is not with this machine that you will be able to run the most greedy and nervous games of the moment. However, that does not mean that this “ideacentre” is a bad PC, far enough from it.

Gamers are still entitled to a RTX-3050which, without being a high-end graphics card, still allows very nice things, such as the activation of the latest fashionable features (yes, we are thinking in particular of Ray-tracing).

If you play in Full HD, you can have fun on any modern title, even the most demanding, in a super fluid way without concession (or almost).

In QHD, “2K”, which is the resolution of the screen supplied with the PC, you may have to do without some graphic effects if you want an optimal experience.

To have fun on a solo RPG à la Elden Ring or on a quiet MMO à la Dofus, everything is fine. The games that will cause more problems are the most nervous, like Call of Duty Vanguard, which require the best possible fluidity to be played competitively.

Speaking of fluidity, the screen seems excellent for working and watching videos, but we haven’t seen its refresh rate anywhere, expressed in Hertz. If it is not highlighted, it is because we are not on 144 Hz, rather rely on 60 Hz or 75 Hz (which already allows you to have fun at 60 FPS).

With its very good sound system, camera and microphone, the Lenovo screen has been really designed for use more focused on comfort and versatility than hardcore gaming. Everything is consistent.

In terms of power, an i5 supported by 16 GB of RAM does the job in the overwhelming majority of uses. Once again, it’s even the dream for office automation and the Web (with 16 GB of RAM, you have dozens of tabs on Chrome).

In short, we have here a beautiful beast adapted to the modern use of many people and classy enough to put on a desk. Nevermind, it counts!

For 999€, we consider that the case is frankly beautiful.

Buy the Lenovo ideacentre at €999 at Boulanger

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