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The Prix de la Forêt de Chantilly this Tuesday, May 3, 2022.

Direction Chantilly, this Tuesday, May 3, 2022 for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Prix de la Foret de Chantilly will have to compete against each other as runners. The race will be contested over 3000 meters, and endowed with 50,000€.

In this event, Goya Senora (4) has been oriented over 2400 meters and more this winter. His mentor apparently got it right. Because it is gradually asserting itself among competitive stayers in the big handicaps. Convincing 5th in a previous fifth, it will logically be in sight at the start of this new big handicap. Coté Jardin (7) is a chic horse that is very constant in the effort. Author of a satisfactory comeback, it finds the category of fifths on Tuesday. Having already done well in this category and endowed with a lot of background, this very good finisher deserves some attention at the start of this quinté.Piriac (12) is a competitor who alternates disciplines with a certain happiness. Competitive over jumps, it also showed some potential on the flat. Very constant in the effort and remaining on a convincing success, this admirable competitor will be to watch closely Tuesday. Blackjac du Houley (15) is a brave competitor in his business from 2100 to 3400 meters. He is only four years old and faces his elders here. But this experienced competitor should once again dearly dearly his chances. His margin for success seems slim. But a place seems quite within reach.

Geny’s secrets

Christopher Ferland: Mister Nino (1) returns to a handicap where at this value, he is competitive. Admittedly, he does not have a lot of margin but he has his place at the finish.

Mauricio Delcher-Sanchez: Berkane (2) is currently in good shape as proven by his latest performances. It is competitive at this value and likes long distances. Now he would have preferred very soft ground. That’s my main concern for Tuesday’s race.

Patrice Cottier: Belgian Prince (3) remained in excellent form and I hope victory will smile on him this time. We leave logically confident.

Bruno Audouin: Almacado Gree (5) experienced a small setback at the end of the season, he has just made a very good comeback in a good batch. He has recovered very well and is in good form in training. He knows the Saint-Cloud track perfectly and in 37 of value, he no longer has to prove his competitiveness. Before the kick, all the lights are green!

Franck Foresi: Port Deauville (6) remains on a good outing at this level. Since then everything has been fine for him. At the end of a good pacours, a new good behavior on his part is hoped. Even if he would have preferred a softer track than it will probably be on Tuesday at Chantilly

Stephane Gouyette: Kamssio (8) did not appreciate the layout of Nantes and the difficult terrain that day. The horse is fine in the morning. And had previously proven its competitiveness at the level that interests us on Tuesday. Back rope to the right and on less painful ground, a racht from him is expected. It is a horse that holds.

Georgios Alimpinisis: Eternal Optimist (9) had a break. Lately it was a real comeback. This race has done him good. Tuesday is a test over this distance and in this context. This follower of the psf will have his land. His behavior will dictate the rest of his program

Louis Baudron: Always Welcome (10) is a horse that is comfortable on soft tracks and unfortunately at the moment, he is not spoiled by the weather. Therefore, as it is in great shape, we will try to lengthen it which could allow it to be less overwhelmed. In addition, at this value, its margin is reduced. I hope to see him run well. Otherwise, he will go on vacation while waiting for the fall.

Mikel Delzangles: The Templar (11) made its comeback recently and I was satisfied with its behavior. She proved on this occasion that she was competitive at this level even if she would have preferred a much softer track. On Tuesday, I logically expect a good performance.

David Satalia: Normandy Beech (13) remains on a disappointing outing. It was on shorter. He will discover this distance. It’s a test. However, it will have to run much better than recently to be able to shine here.

Sebastien Culin: Saint Nicolas (14) has no excuses to report lately. Now, I didn’t feel very valiant. Nevertheless, I advise you to take it again because I find Tuesday’s lot less tough than last time and it seems in good shape in the morning. With the extension of the distance, he has the means to make people talk about him again at this level.

Rodolphe Collet: Mac la Tambouille (16) remains on correct outings. Now with him, the soft ground is necessary to hope to see him play the leading roles. The weather forecast does not announce any. It is therefore rather necessary to consider my resident for a small place on Tuesday than for success.

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A summary: 3-11-1-6-2-8-5-7 The summary of the press: 1 – 11 – 3 – 5 – 2 – 12 – 4 -14

Equidia: 5-3-11-6-4-14-10-7
Europe1: 2-1-11-3-5-6-4-10
The Parisian :
Alsace: 2-11-1-7-10-12-5-15
Paris Turf: 5-11-3-7-2-4-14-6


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