First official release of 2022 with Albert and the children, it surprises!

Charlene of Monaco on an official outing on the Rock, it’s something we weren’t used to seeing for over a year. His last appearance dates back to January 2021 during the mass of Sainte Dévote. But the princess is finally back after endless months of treatment in South Africa and Switzerland to recover from an ear, nose and throat infection. But Charlene is back.

The proof, she made an appearance alongside her husband Prince Albert of Monaco and their two children, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques for the prize giving of the “Monaco ePrix” championship this Saturday April 30, 2022. Smiling but not too much, she caused a sensation in a rather sober gray suit and her increasingly cropped boyish cut. The children, in a slightly sulky mood, seemed very close to their mother. Gabriella in particular, in her white dress, did not let go of her precious mother, back after long months of absence.

Princess Charlene of Monaco, long absent from the Rock for health problems, “vare about to return to Monaco“, had announced the princely palace in a press release last month. But since then, the princess had not yet shown the tip of her nose. Barely a quick family photo posted on instagram at Easter.

In consultation with her doctors and with her recovery well underway, Their Serene Highnesses have agreed that the Princess…

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