Florent Pagny makes shock confidences about his chemos!

Florent Pagny reveals the dark sides of his chemotherapy live on The Voice. These shock confidences have upset the fans!

Since the filming of The Voice, Florent Pagny has gone through the hell of hospitals and chemo. How is he ? We tell you everything!

Florent Pagny, half fig, half grape

Just after the All stars part, the production of The Voice knew that she had her work cut out for her.

Indeed, recruiting nuggets for blind auditions cannot be improvised.

Especially since the quartet has agreed to return to service. In addition, the complicity between the hyperactive Vianney, the hypersensitive Marc Lavoine, the sparkling Amel Bent and the efficient Florent Pagny scores points.

And to complete the picture, a fifth coach, Nolwenn Leroy, is causing trouble between the candidates.

Ever since their inception, crossover battles have been giving audiences cold sweats. From their sofa, viewers fear that their favorite will not pass this crucial step. Unfortunately, a false note will tip the scales of Nikos Aliagas’ tele-hook.

Florent Pagny makes a shocking observation

At the end of January, Florent Pagny threw a stone into the pond. Confident that he is suffering from lung cancer that cannot stop, he withdraws from his anniversary tour. What a pity… He who seemed so serene about the composition of his team. We know it now, the news fell during the filming of The Voice. Out of respect for him, his colleagues tried to hide this terrible news. But as soon as it has been official, count on them to surround it with love and kindness.

Right after this shocking video, Florent Pagny said he couldn’t let his fans carry this burden on their frail shoulders. He therefore accepted Gilles Bouleau’s invitation. It is not common to do an evening show and talk freely about the disease. Especially since the former star presenter experienced the same thing and did not do so well. Smiling as much as possible, the singer dots the i’s.

“I’m doing very well, I’m at grade 1. I only have one tumor, I don’t have any metastases. We don’t operate, but there are really good treatments and I’m taking it pretty well.”

And regarding the duration of the protocol, again, we have access to all the details. “I still have six months of chemo so I don’t know how I’m going to get out of it.”

His star friends testify

In 2015, Anggun and Florent Pagny sing together. Impossible not to melt when hearing the lyrics of this timeless hit. Asked about her partner, she is confident and serene about her expectations.

“He keeps me informed. Everything is going well. He is very well surrounded. The love of his audience carries him » Thanks to her!

In a few sentences, she manages to give us hope. He will inevitably get out of it without leaving (too many) feathers!

What is good with Florent Pagny is that he does not rank his friends. So when The Voice All Stars winner talks about her coach, she does it with as much empathy as possible. Welcoming the courage of Azucena, she underlines the unwavering support of the wife of the interpreter of Knowledge loved.

“They are very very close with his wife”. And then, referencing all the previous turmoil in her life, she feels that “it’s an additional obstacle”, but trusts in her ability to (almost) always bounce back. “In my opinion, he will manage to get better very quickly”.

Present for the semi-final

Florent Pagny

This press release from TF1 proves that we were right to send our forces to Florent Pagny. Always in a good mood, he goes straight to the point and scores points.

In front of a dumbfounded Nikos Aliagas, he confides that “these chemos cause hair loss a little, but it doesn’t matter. It does not prevent us from staying in shape and having a beautiful face. When we tell you that it is an example to follow!

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