Florent Pagny talks about his chemos in “The Voice” and what he has lost since the start of treatment…

Each week, viewers of TF1 take pleasure in finding Florent Pagny and the other coaches on the show The Voice. This Saturday, April 30, 2022, the interpreter of “Savoir Aimer” once again conquered the crowds with his team. Alongside his colleagues, the singer brilliantly put on the show. But his admirers also ticked on his shaved cut.

As a reminder, the happy father of two children suffers from lung cancer “inoperable“. “I’m doing very well, I’m at grade 1. I only have one tumor, I don’t have any metastases. We don’t operate but there are really good treatments and I’m taking it pretty well “admitted Florent Pagny facing Gilles Bouleau on TF1. “I still have six months of chemo so I don’t know how I’ll be at the end. For the moment the first one is going well, but anything can happen too”.

“The love of his public carries him”

Wanting to anticipate the fall of her hair, the artist therefore preferred to remove everything. In February 2022 as pointed out Tele-Leisure, the main interested party has also made some confidences about his new hair style. “These chemos make you lose your hair a bit, but it’s ok”, he confided to Nikos Aliagas during a shoot for The Voice.It doesn’t stop us from staying in shape and looking good.”

In the media, many of his relatives talk about his state of health. And the news is rather reassuring. “He keeps me informed. It goes well. He is very well surrounded. The love of his public carries him”, said Anggun on April 26, 2022 in the columns of We both.

Same story for Anne Silla, the big winner The Voice All Stars who has always been supported by Florent Pagny in his countless adventures. “They are very, very close to his wife.” did she analyze for Purepeople and to conclude with philosophy: “It’s one more obstacle, but in my opinion he will manage to get better very quickly.”


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