franceinfo junior. Chocolate, pizza… Children’s questions about recent food poisoning

After the recall of several food products, franceinfo junior returns to these recent cases which intrigue children. To answer questions from three schoolgirls: Quentin Guillemain, president of the association for children’s health.

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Salmonellosis, E. Coli bacteria, pizzas, chocolates or recalled cheeses… These words have been in the news for a few weeks. The subject intrigues the children of franceinfo junior who have heard of it and are wondering. Monday, April 18, sixth-grade students from the Jean Moulin college in Arnouville, in the Paris region, ask their questions at the microphone. To answer them: Quentin Guillemain, president of the association for children’s health.

To better understand the subject, Modestine asks herself what “what happened in the chocolate factory”. Clara and Esther’s turn to wonder about the origin of these health problems: “What is the product that caused the poisoning in the pizzas and the Easter eggs? Is it a chemical product?” ask the schoolgirls.

Clara, again, worries if the concern comes from the factory and its condition, while evoking the idea of ​​a “handling” deliberate. Modestine leans in turn on the “verification” and food controls. On this page, listen to this franceinfo junior program in its entirety.

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