François Alu: Named (finally) Star of the Paris Opera, in front of a euhoric Denitsa Ikonomova!

An even greater honor when we know that several important spectators for him had made the trip this Saturday. Indeed, Denitsa Ikonomova, his accomplice of DALS was present, accompanied by François-Xavier Demaison and his wife Anaïs. The Bulgarian dancer, who would be very close to François Alu since their meeting on the TF1 show, seemed in any case euphoric to attend this great moment, as she showed in her Instagram stories.

Very proud of him, the dancer suspected of participating in Mask Singer was probably able to congratulate him after the show, he who was not sure of becoming a star one day. Indeed, rumors often said that he was too independent, with a character that was difficult to tame, even unloved by Aurélie Dupont, a former Etoile who became director of dance. It must be said that the young man, who entered the Opera at the age of 10, has multiplied his experiences in recent years.

Outraged Dance with the stars, in which he was a rather stern but adored juror of the public, he is indeed on tour with a one-man-show, gives hip-hop lessons and takes singing lessons! A jack-of-all-trades, who considered that “dance is a toolbox and you have to put as many tools in it as possible“, but above all a man who likes to diversify his experiences and meet his audience.

This Saturday, he surely made his mother, a classical dance teacher, proud, as well as his friends by reaching this Grail hoped for by every dancer. He will now be able to claim the greatest classic roles… but we still hope to find him every Friday on TF1 in October for season 12 of DALS !

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