François Alu, new star of the Paris Opera

Crazy, crazy, crazy! Cheers, howls, whistles, absolute charivari, Saturday April 23, at the Opéra Bastille in Paris, for the nomination of François Alu to the rank of star of the Opéra national de Paris. After the ballet performance The Bayadere, Alexander Neef, director of the institution, and Aurélie Dupont, director of dance, appeared, as tradition dictates, on the side of the stage. No sooner had Neef finished his speech than the 2,700 spectators, standing, shouted their joy for Alu, who was rocking with pleasure hand in hand with his two partners, Dorothée Gilbert and Bianca Scudamore. “All three of us thought we were a football team, not a typo, just goals! »he confided the day after the evening.

François Alu, dancer: “I have felt different since childhood and I wanted to show it”

Star ! At last ! Eight years after being promoted to first dancer in the Parisian troupe, Alu, 28, wins the ultimate title. Few performers wait that long. “I no longer believed in it too much and I had detached myselfhe acknowledges. But if the path was not short, it allowed me to think about the choices I wanted to make, to find other paths, even improbable ones, and to be what I am today. » François Alu dances, plays comedy, is a coach, makes movies, writes, and is currently filming a one-man-show, staged with Samuel Murez, as moving as it is amazing, entitled Completely thrown!. “Adversity was ultimately beneficial in finding my place and being myself”, he adds. As for “stellar” status – his favorite word since Saturday –, so coveted, he considers it “a coronation of [sa] artistic freedom. »

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The coronation of François Alu took place in a special and unprecedented atmosphere for the Opera. The appearance for ten years of a fan club of enthusiasts, that the young man’s television performances for Dance with the stars have doped, triggered a movement of revolt against what they considered an injustice, the non-nomination of their idol to the rank of star. The case took, Wednesday, April 20, in Bastille, the tone of an uprising. Disappointed that Alu, back on stage for the first time after an injury in The Bayadere, is not finally distinguished, they chant for long minutes: “Alu star, Dupont resignation! » An incredible event in a context where the nomination, more or less secret until the big day, is in the hands of the management of the Opera.

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