François-Xavier Demaison soon to be a dad for the 2nd time: his wife Anaïs is pregnant!

Third marriage, second child. It’s official, François-Xavier Demaison will soon be a dad again. On social networks, his wife, Anaïs Demaison, formerly Anaïs Tihay, shared a tender photograph to announce the good news to as many people as possible. In this image, published on Saturday April 30, 2022 on Instagram, we see the actor and humorist with his half, who places a kiss on his cheek, in profile … revealing his changing silhouette, including an adorable baby bump in full growth.

Coming soon“, she says, meaning that baby will point the tip of his nose in a few months. The couple obviously did not spend the weekend alone. To celebrate this gift of life, François-Xavier and Anaïs Demaison have found friends, as we can see on Valérie Damidot’s Instagram account. France’s greatest maroufleuse, who has just embarked on the one-woman show, has also published some images of these unforgettable days. host was with the couple, but also her darling, sound engineer Régis Viogeat, and dancer Denitsa Ikonomova Dance with the starscurrently suspected of participating in Mask Singer.

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