From industry 4.0 to industry 5.0, how can technology and people rhyme with industrial digitization? » The economic and political letter of PACA

Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing the manufacturing and production methods of contemporary companies.

These integrate different technologies at the heart of their operations in order to make their industries “intelligent”, enabling them in particular to improve operations, productivity and reduce costs. Since 2020, the European Commission has been dreaming of an industry 5.0 that would put people and respect for natural resources at the heart of its production systems. Are companies prepared for this new course?Margaux Coudun, industry 4.0 specialist and Service Line Manager Apps, Data & Infra at Exakis Nelite, first independent Microsoft pure-player partner in France, analyzes and deciphers the use of high-tech devices within the industrial sector:

• What are the new French industrial challenges?
• What are the types of companies that have taken the turn of Industry 4.0? Are they already ready for a switch to 5.0?
• Industry 4.0: what solutions to maximize return on investment? What is the role of Microsoft technologies?
• How do IoT and the cloud fit into the concept of Industry 4.0?
• Process automation, robotization, virtual and augmented reality… what are the latest methods for digitizing an industrial process?
• What types of companies have already taken the turn of Industry 5.0?
• Security: how to prevent data leakage?

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