Gaillac. New pizzeria: Pepone gets its hands dirty

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New bosses, new concept, the former Griffoul pizzeria has found an activity under the sign “Chez Pepone”.

The time to refresh the premises and create a new decoration, and the pizzeria opened by Jacques Montagné and run from 1985 to September 2021 by Alain and Viviane Bellardi found a new life on March 3 under the sign “Chez Pepone”. A name that the Albigenses know and that the Saint-Juériens will soon know, probably the Saint-Sulpiciens towards the end of the year and, perhaps tomorrow, the Carmausins. Because the creators Sylvain Valette and Julien Couderc, received the reinforcement of a third partner, Jamal Aharram. All three want to duplicate the success of the Albigensian establishment in the department, and more if affinities. “The priority was the revolving hearth oven, made of Neapolitan bricks and volcanic lava. It can withstand 500°C and allows rapid cooking in less than a minute. The dough retains its texture, humidity and smoothness” . The associates are delivered twice a week from Italy (except for vegetables): flour, wine, beer, cheese, truffles from Piedmont, “and even extra-virgin olive oil to work the dough” indicates Julien Couderc.

A pizza maker grandfather

The flour is a “multigrain” like the one used by Sylvain’s grandfather, a pizza maker and who also bequeaths his nickname “Pepone”. “We want soft pizzas, with honeycombed edges, where the air remains in the dough”. The queen of the house is the Rossa Pepone, where a mixture of charcuterie is superimposed on the tomato base, all topped with a large ball of burrata and spiana added after cooking and flowing over the substrate. The menu also includes salads, Italian sandwiches – piadinas – classic pasta recipes and the “mamma” specialty, with butter and cooked ham. The team has hired six employees and will supplement its system with deliveries via Uber. “We signed the contract and we are going to dedicate an employee to it. Today, delivery is almost compulsory, even if it induces a different articulation of the work” adds Sylvain Valette. With the opening of the terrace, Chez Pepone will have 80 seats and should expand shortly, because the partners have bought the former adjoining bar “Chez Ded”, a former lemonade mecca, which announces a expansion of the pizzeria. “We will probably break the arcade and we will gain space”. For Jamal Aharram, alias “Aramissimo”, it’s like a return to the sources of childhood. He had worn out his first jeans bottoms on the Bellardi chairs. Twenty years later, he returns as co-owner.

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