Google Maps is catching up with Apple and finally adding this feature

News hardware Google Maps is catching up with Apple and finally adding this feature

Apple Maps is nowhere near the level of Google Maps, to say the least. But there’s one aspect of Apple’s app that Google Maps envied, and they just added it.

Favorite means of transport already on iPhone

Google Maps is the most popular navigation application in the world. Google has long traveled the world to recreate the most detailed world map, and users add more detailed information about each location than anywhere else.

Apple has been trying to offer its own service for 10 years now with Apple Plans, but is struggling to recover, the application being especially practical for American users, a market much more dominated by Apple.

But there is an option that has existed for a long time on Apple Maps, it is the possibility of selecting the means of transport that you want to appear in the results when you request an itinerary.

Thus, the experience is personalized, and the selected criteria are saved for future trips.

The function is finally added to Google Maps

Android users will finally be able to take advantage of this function, which is coming to the latest version of the Google Maps app (v11.28). In the same way as on Maps, you can tick small stars and choose your favorites.

Google Maps is catching up with Apple and finally adding this feature

There are still many differences between the two apps. Apple has the merit of offering ferry trips, even if we doubt the relevance of this option compared to what is missing.

Indeed, Google Maps already offers bike routes, where Apple is dragging on bringing the function to Europe, where this means of transport is widely used. We are forced to select the car or pedestrian mode and calculate in his head the estimated travel time, and hope not to fall on a pedestrian street in one case, or a prohibited direction in the other.

Competition is always good for the consumer, and even if Google is catching up on this point, we hope that Apple will do the same and continue to draw inspiration from Google Maps for its next Maps updates.

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