Guillaume Canet separated from Marion Cotillard, the filmmaker challenges internet users with a post heavy with meaning…

Guillaume Canet is one of the most popular directors of his generation. A versatile artist, the main interested party never ceases to amaze his fans with his on-screen projects. Just like his career, his private life fascinates the media just as much. In the city, the filmmaker is the happy father of two children named Marcel and Louise born from his relationship with Marion Cotillard. But the latest news, there would be water in the gas between the two stars.

Last March on the set of TPMP PeopleFlorian Anselme has made new revelations about the duo. “Last summer, they were in Cap-Ferret kissing each other in the water, everything was going very well… in any case, on paper”, said the journalist. “Today, Marion Cotillard, would therefore have left, she would live with a friend, he would be in their beautiful apartment in the west of Paris. It’s a beautiful story that ends […]. Guillaume Canet is a bit used to being a womanizer. The couple had the reputation of being a free couple. So maybe they’ve reached their limit on that front. […]”.

Despite the rumors, Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet preferred to remain silent on this subject. But this Monday, April 25, 2022, the comedian shared a new Instagram post that intrigued his community. Facing the camera, the star seems to be reading a script… With a knife stuck in the heart. According to his caption, the snapshot was taken in 2020 during the filming of his feature film “Lui”.

“Doing harm to do good?”

As a reminder, the work highlights the daily life of a composer in need of inspiration. To remedy this, he then decides to isolate himself on a Breton island. His relatives will unfortunately disturb his exile. In particular his wife… And his mistress. “Filming of ‘him’ September 2020… This photo describes well the approach of this film”said Guillaume Canet under his post.

In the thread of comments, many Internet users reacted: “Stung in the heart”, “Be careful, you have something in your heart”, “I think there is something not normal in the photo”, “To hurt yourself to do yourself good?”. One wonders…


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