Hazebrouck: Diablo Pizza installs a wood-fired oven… and its electricity bill explodes

For Thierry and Marylène Verhaeghe, bosses of Diablo Pizza, it is misunderstanding after the blow. Last year, they decided to save energy by replacing their electric oven with a wood oven, shortly after installing a Linky meter. Problem: bills have doubled!

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The Linky meter was installed in April 2021. In June we closed for several weeks to change the ovensays the couple at the head of the pizzeria rue Warein. The electric oven represented the biggest energy consumption of the restaurant, we wanted to replace it with a less energy-consuming wood oven and also more qualitative in terms of cooking. “But in August, bad surprise: the electricity bill for the past two months soared, ” it was €1,400, that’s double the previous bills, even before the Covid “.

The couple contacts EDF but never has the same interlocutor. The visit of an Enedis technician for a first visual check does nothing. A priori, the Linky meter does not present any fault. ” They offered us an in-depth but paid study, we are fed up with this injustice, the situation is abnormal, we had not planned to pay such bills, in addition to the wood, while everything else is increasing “, gets angry Thierry Verhaeghe. Since our meeting, his request to find the origin of the problem has been heard.

A new control visit, free this time

The EDF Hauts-de-France communication department recognizes “ an astonishing increase in consumption given the installation changes “. A second control visit, metrological this time and at the expense of the public company, is announced. ” This situation can come from a more complex problem of the meter or from a connection to a bad delivery point “, explains EDF.

Each household is in fact attached to a “delivery point” (PDL) which must of course remain the same after the installation of the Linky meter and included on the invoices. The company presents this new meter as much more modern than the previous ones, allowing among other things to monitor its consumption in real time. But overbilling errors have already been observed, this was the case of a resident of Arras in 2017 or a pizzeria in Montreuillois whose bill last year amounted to… €180,000. If the error is confirmed for Diablo Pizza, EDF promises a commercial gesture in addition to the regularization.

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