“He holds up”, “she masters her subjects”: in Montpellier, an evening between debate and pizza

There were ten of them on Wednesday April 20 to share the evening of the second round debate together. Between two slices of pizza, they comment and judge the two candidates.

“She’s softened a lot there. It looks like she’s humanized, but I think it’s fake,” says Deborah, 48, listening to Marine Le Pen debate with Emmanuel Macron. It is 9:30 p.m. on April 20. In the living room of this lawyer, in the popular district of Mosson in Montpellier, a dozen or so friends – not all of them know each other – gathered around pizzas to watch the debate. The atmosphere is both relaxed and serious.

“I expect Macron to recognize his mistakes, to be less arrogant,” explains Monique, a 73-year-old retiree. “I want to see if Marine Le Pen has progressed in five years, and if Macron has learned from his five-year term,” adds Samy, 24, in civic service.

Family and friends gathered in front of the TV this Wednesday, April 20 to watch the second round debate.
Laura Charette

“He is clean on him”

The debate begins, on television, but also in the living room. “Macron, he is elegant, he gives Le Pen ‘madam’! He is clean about him, it’s a bit annoying, but it’s true” believes Gaëlle.

Her boyfriend, Enzo, finds the president-candidate “super comfortable”. As the debate progresses, and while the presidential candidates exchange proposals against proposals, the guests react: “He is precise about the figures. She launches great ideas, but it is not very precise”, judge Déborah.

“He is a very good debater”, judges Hamza, in his forties, before launching, laughing, “I have a residence permit, so I feel concerned!”. “If we saw him for the first time, Macron, we could believe him. But we are five years behind schedule”, regrets Monique.

“She loses her footing when she is contradicted”

After 45 minutes of debate, the tone rises on the screen when topics related to Ukraine and Russia arrive. “The natural returns at a gallop. She reproaches him for having welcomed Poutine in Versailles, but his acquaintances with him are known and recognized. There, she was upset, she holds back but we feel that she is angry”.

“She still masters her subjects much better! She is in control, she does not belch like five years ago” recognizes, while regretting it, Sylvain. “In any case, Macron, he is holding up, he has faith in him. She quickly loses her footing when she is contradicted. If he tickles her, she seems to hesitate” expresses Enzo. The debate continues. No one can say who, really, wins the return match.

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