“He left last night …”: A columnist from Touche not at my post in mourning, she shares her “deep pain”

This Tuesday, April 26, 2022 is a difficult day for Isabelle Morini Bosc. The iconic columnist of Do not touch My TV has lost its faithful companion, namely her little cat named Tertio. On Twitter, she expressed her great sadness by posting a photo of the adorable missing feline. “Tertio ‘left’ last night. After giving us 12 years of happiness. His deep and everlasting sweetness explains our deep pain of this day“, she wrote.

Many Internet users shared their pain by writing sweet words to them in the comments. “It’s hard. I’ve lost some cats, they give us so much love and good energy“, “I am wholehartedly with you. It’s very hard to lose one of our life companions“, “It is so heartbreaking when our four-legged friends leave for another world, strength and courage“, “Sadness. Sweet thoughts for you, Isabelle“, can we read.

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