Heavily Sanctioned Huawei Ironically Cuts Tech In Russia Following Sanctions

The grip of sanctions is tightening around Russia after its invasion of Ukraine, when even tech giant Huawei has also reportedly halted all shipments of high-performance storage and server equipment to the country. Huawei therefore joins tech giants AMD, Intel, Nvidia and TSMC in cutting off Russia’s access to cutting-edge technology that could help it in its war efforts – one of its few technological alternatives to now-dried wells. of western technology.

The decision likely did not stem from a political disagreement with Russia’s actions. Huawei has become severely crippled when it comes to accessing US technology following sanctions already imposed on the company under the China-US Trade War. Instead, Huawei is likely simply protecting itself from collateral damage to its own business if the United States runs into trouble with tech shipments featuring American technology and intellectual property.

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