her husband sentenced to fifteen months in prison

By Sebastian J.

– Published on May 04, 2022 at 09:22

On May 3, 2022, Patrick Antonelli, the husband of singer Amel Bent, was imprisoned in Nanterre, as revealed by the newspaper Le Parisien. He was sentenced to fifteen months in prison.

Amel Bent, who had a big fright because of her baby, who was admitted to intensive care only a few days after his birth, will still have to show courage. On May 3, 2022, her husband, Patrick Antonelli, was imprisoned in the Nanterre remand center in Hauts-de-Seineas revealed by the newspaper The Parisian. The former driving school manager, who after the license trafficking case, did not find himself behind bars after a judgment by the Versailles Court of Appeal, must this time serve a sentence of fifteen months in prison.

“The judges condemned him for having illegally exercised the profession of security guard because he replaced one day, at short notice, a bodyguard of the singer. For judgment fraud because he presented an invoice when he was not licensed to practice. And for fraud period because he benefited from state aid paid to compensate for the drop in activity during the Covid when he was not entitled to it “ explained our colleagues. The sentence was handed down on March 8, 2022. The judges awarded a deferred committal order to Patrick Antonelli, who converted into a sports coach, which allowed him to attend the birth of his baby boy and manage his hospitalization last April. “But this deferred deposit warrant was pronounced with provisional execution, which implies that in the event of an appeal, you still have to go through the prison box. » This is why the 45-year-old man is imprisoned, despite appealing.

Amel Bent: his tender statement to his companion

In February 2022, Amel Bent had returned a beautiful tribute to the man of her life, father of his three children: Sofia, Hana and the youngest, whose first name is still unknown. For her darling’s birthday, the star wrote on Instagram: “If only we had met a few years earlier…we would have avoided a lot of pitfalls, you and me. What is certain is that we both made each other much better. One more year of seeing you mature and become what you are… a good man, a faithful friend, an exceptional father and the kindest of lovers. I’m happy to have you, you’ve been the man of my life since day one and forever. I’m proud of you today as much as I was tough on you yesterday. When we love we pull ourselves up, that’s what we do, you and me. Happy you my life. »

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