Here are new patents for Apple’s ARVR headset!

After a few weeks, there is talk of Apple’s ARVR headset again with a new batch of patents published on theUSPTO.

In the first, we find the concept of ski goggles with a unidirectional infrared mirror finish. Suffice to say that the latter will completely hide the eyes of the user. But this specificity will be most advantageous for Apple and its concern for confidentiality: while the helmet is designed so that the user can see the outside world discreetly and without difficulty, it would allow hide various components, such as cameras or gaze tracking systems.

Hold new patents for Apple’s ARVR headset!

The second focuses on the headphone charging options. Mention is thus made of numerous possibilities, such as a base on which to put the helmet, or a support that would allow it to be suspended while waiting for the battery to charge. Apple taking care, here too, to detail the possibilities envisaged on the side of the connectors located on the headband passing around the head of the user.

As a reminder, rumors are flying all over the place regarding its release date but the helmet seems very advanced. If we refer – for example – to the roadmap of the Apple Watch, the latter could well see the light of day from here end of 2022 / beginning of 2023. The latest rumors indicate that the headset will have a lightweight design, two 4K micro-LED displays, fifteen optical modules, two main processors (as fast as the M1), Wi-Fi 6E, a eye tracking, a transparent augmented reality mode, object tracking, or even gesture controls. If the price is not known, it could well show up to 3000 dollars!

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