here is his incredible physical transformation!

Philippe Etchebest (Top Chef): this physical change that makes a lot of talk on the networks, explained in this article, it’s incredible!

Top Chef and Philippe Etchebest are once again on your screens, indeed, the famous culinary competition show of M6 continues and season 11 is nearing its end. As with the vast majority of game shows, there will only be one winner left at the end of the episodes.

But as surprising as it may seem, it doesn’t matter who the candidates were on April 27th. No matter their ranking and their results in the tests of the show. The one and only star of Top Chef this Wednesday, April 27, on M6, was Philippe Etchebest. Or rather a particular physical detail of the chef.

That said, no one could have imagined what happened. Nobody could have foreseen such enthusiasm from viewers for such a small detail. Indeed, People Act Magazine has no doubt that Chef Etchebest himself had not expected that the public would only talk about his mustache! You read correctly, it is the mustache of Philippe Etchebest who has been the real star of Top Chef since April 27.

Philippe Etchebest becomes the darling of Internet users

The mustache of a chef has rarely caused so much reaction from Internet users. But what do you want? Philippe Etchebest is not only one of the stars of Top Chef. He is also present in Cauchemar en cuisine. And the bad mood he can show in this other show of the M6 ​​group has made him a legend.

Faced with establishments on the verge of bankruptcy, chef Etchebest steps in to help them get their restaurant back on track. But he sometimes finds himself facing very stubborn people who don’t want to hear his advice right away. Thus, Chief Etchebest has already proven that he can get angry.

Chef Philippe Etchebest’s temper tantrums have become a legend among the public. And his rugby build reinforces his bearish side. Especially since no one is unaware of the extent to which the chef is capable of delicate feats in the kitchen. Achievements that require great sensitivity.

Sensitivity that he also knows how to deploy to best support the candidates of his brigade in Top Chef. All these details show that the public knows and appreciates Chief Etchebest.

Thus, seeing him in an episode of the M6 ​​show with a new mustache could not leave anyone indifferent.

Readers of People Act Magazine will understand that Internet users did not want to go to the clash. But they couldn’t be quiet either!

Top Chef fans react massively on the Web

These are just a few examples of reactions from Top Chef fans. People Act Magazine couldn’t list them all. So we made sure to give you the ones that we thought were the most fun. Also note that none of these messages openly criticize the nose of Philippe Etchebest. The public is simply amused by this change and makes fun of the famous juror of Top Chef. Do we not say: “who loves well, punishes well”?

Philippe Etchebest

If chef Philippe Etchebest takes to Twitter to see the number of reactions to his mustache, he will no doubt be surprised. But we have no doubt the Top Chef star will find a way to respond with a smile. After all, he cannot ignore that it is above all a mark of affection to find himself thus solicited on social networks. Especially for such an innocuous detail as a mustache.

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