Hillary (Moms & Famous) very weak after her illness, the results of her blood test are worrying

On May 1, 2022, Hillary finally gave her news following her worrying discomfort that had occurred the day before. Rushed to hospital after losing consciousness, Giovanni Bonamy’s darling explains that she suddenly felt horrible and indescribable pain in her lower abdomen. “In fact yesterday all of a sudden I felt pain but… I know what it’s like to be pregnant, what it’s like to give birth, I’m strong, I’m not a sissy at all. But here for the moment, I started crying in pain and all of a sudden I felt faint. My body was no longer responding. Great malaise, heavy vomiting. I was really at my lowest, at my worst.” she says.

Mom of Matteo (born November 23, 2021) and Milo (1 year and a half), the former candidate of Princes and Princesses of Love suddenly feared for her fiancé and her children. “There I said to myself My god, I am on the ground, Gio he is alone, I am unfit to manage anything, he is with the two with the babies all alone, I cannot leave him alone!” she confides, still shocked by what she has just experienced.

They even say a “blood infection”

Finally, the former candidate of Ch’tis are skiing was treated by the clinic at her hotel. “We went to the hotel clinic. I was a bit in a daze. I wasn’t really calculating what was going on and then they transferred me directly to the hospital. So they did all the tests for me. Blood test, urine tests, ultrasounds, everything for the belly to understand what I have…” she reveals.

Unfortunately, the results of his various examinations are not reassuring. “I have a big big big infection in the lower abdomen, at the level of my blood test it was not good. My urine is not good (…) They even say a “blood infection”” (blood infection or sepsis: pathology that occurs in case of generalized infection of the body).

Under painkillers, the candidate of Moms & Famous still walks around in a wheelchair because she can hardly walk well at the moment.

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