how to create your Apple account and configure your Apple TV 4K?

Freebox subscribers: how to create your Apple account and configure your Apple TV 4K?

To benefit from services such as Apple TV+ but also Apple Arcade or its music streaming service, it is necessary to have Apple IDs. You still need to have created your account.

Freebox subscribers can get an Apple TV 4K, either as the main player for Freebox Delta and Pop, or as multi-tv for Freebox Revolution and mini 4K subscribers. However, to use this box but also to access the various services offered by the Cupertino company, you will need to create an account. If the regulars of the Apple already have one, how to do when we only knew PCs and Android smartphones?

Create your Apple account

An account that you will need if you want to take full advantage of your Apple TV, in particular to be able to access the application store of your decoder. It will also be useful to benefit from the free three months of Apple TV+ available for Freebox Delta and Pop subscribers. You can go to the “Television” section of your Freebox subscriber space, then click on Apple TV+, to kill two birds with one stone.

Then click on “I subscribe” then “Create an Apple account”. You will then have to fill in the various information sheets scrolling in front of you. Note that it is imperative to enter a means of payment, even if you do not make any purchase.

You have thus created your account and also activated your free trial of Apple TV+. There is still one step left for your account to be fully validated by the American giant: you need to connect to an Apple device or software to update it, in order to make it usable on Apple TV for example. Don’t panic if you don’t have an iPhone or Mac at hand, you can do this directly from, where you will need to enter your mobile phone number to activate two-factor authentication, so that you can fully link your Apple TV 4K and your Apple account.

Configure your Apple TV 4K

Once all these operations have been completed, you can begin installing your Apple decoder. Once your device is connected, remove the tab from your remote control protecting the batteries and press the central circle. Once done, bring the remote control closer to the decoder to synchronize the two devices.

You will then be able to choose between setting up your Apple TV with an iPhone or without. Here, we are interested in the process for those who do not have an iPhone or Mac. You will thus need to configure your WiFi, the language of your device and enter your Apple ID which you created by following the procedure above.

If you have carried out all the manipulations explained in this tutorial, you will then be asked to accept or refuse various parameters, while validating certain decisions using codes obtained via double authentication (sent by SMS). Among these permissions are those for the use of location data from your Apple TV, as well as those concerning the general conditions of use.

Once this is done, you will start the Oqee installation procedure, for which you will also be asked to validate its download via a code received by SMS. Those with an iPad or iPhone will be able to validate directly from their device, via a dedicated notification.

You can then browse your Apple TV simply, having everything configured. Note, however, that it is highly desirable to perform this operation when you already have an iPhone or iPad, the handling being made quite complicated for Android users. As a reminder, the Apple TV 4K is available for purchase for all Freebox multi-TV subscribers for €6.99/month.

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