How to make a summer pizza?

The rules of a successful summer pizza

Pizza is an art. Friendly, festive and versatile, it’s the star of your summer aperitifs! Discover our tips for making a delicious summer pizza that will amaze your guests.

A soft pizza dough and a gourmet sauce

Whether you like it thick or thin, a good pizza dough is essential. Ideally, you start making your homemade pizza 24 hours earlier, to give the dough time to rest. We use gluten-rich flour and quality olive oil. Gluten intolerant people can replace traditional flour with rice or corn flour. Want to break the codes? Make a zucchini or quinoa pizza dough. Success guaranteed.
For the sauce, a tomato base remains a safe bet. Ripe tomatoes, an onion, a little olive oil, we season, and you’re done. For lovers of white pizzas, crème fraîche and mascarpone, very tasty, will be your best allies. Just as quick and delicious, we opt for the pizza verde which is generously garnished with pesto.

A generous seasonal garnish

In summer, we avoid pizzas four cheeses, potato supplement. With the hot weather, we want lightness! Bet on grilled seasonal vegetables such as eggplant, tomato, or artichoke. The more daring can be tempted by a sweet and savory mix with summer fruits such as figs, peaches or nectarines. When it comes to cheese, if mozzarella or goat cheese are clearly our favourites, consider burrata, pecorino and parmesan to add a twist to your recipes. Finish with a few olives, a handful of basil or arugula leaves out of the oven and your pizza is ready to be eaten.

A sweet pizza?

We take advantage of the pizza from starter to dessert by making a tasty pizza with seasonal fruits to finish on a fresh and gourmet note. Forget the traditional spreadable pizza, we prefer to use fresh cheese such as cream cheese or mascarpone. Jam can also be a good alternative. We have fun with apricots, yellow fruits like nectarines, or mirabelle plums. Beware of red fruits that do not support cooking well. They are added after the dough has been cooked. As toppings, a little grated coconut, crushed walnuts or chocolate shavings (not to be sprinkled on a hot pizza) will bring the final touch to your dessert.

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