“I almost left him”: Mathieu (Love is in the meadow) makes revelations about his relationship with Alexandre!

The romantic relationship that currently exists between Mathieu and Alexandre was built not without breaking eggs. The couple had indeed had to face many hardships. In particular the various insults that they had to undergo each time they went to their social networks. In any case, this allowed them to discover that celebrity did not only have good sides. However, this was not the only obstacle that the two lovebirds had to overcome because their obvious age difference had been particularly criticized when they had become a couple in Love is in the pre 2020.

Confidences that prove that love can overcome everything

Mathieu and Alexandre immediately hit it off as soon as their eyes met during the speed-dating of L’Amour est dans le prĂ© in 2020. The breeder even allowed himself to kiss his date at the end of their interview . This caused a lot of reactions on social networks. If since then, everything has been going well between them, Mathieu did not hide having had doubts during the first three months of their relationship. You have to believe that 20 long years separate them. A huge chasm that love has yet been able to fill.

In doubt during these few months, Mathieu did not hide having thought of breaking up with Alexandre. The click had however occurred at the time of the accident of the latter. He then understood how much he could not live without him.

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