In Bourges, Domino’s Pizza, place Planchat, organizes a solidarity action by offering margherita

Combining solidarity and gustatory pleasures should satisfy some gourmands. This Wednesday, for one hour, Domino’s Pizza, located at 11, place Planchat, offers medium-sized margheritas to all customers who come to the store. “We made this choice to restore purchasing power in a complicated context, explains Tilak Anandout, marketing manager of the DPA group. We are also trying to bring customers back to the point of sale to revive the shops in the city center. »

A pizza becomes a donation of 1 euro

Objectives which are completed by another solidarity action, that of converting this operation into a donation to the Red Cross. For each marherita offered, 1 euro will be donated to the Red Cross. “If, for example, we make 500 pizzas, we agree to pay 500 euros,” says Tilak Anandout.

The downtown boutique will therefore open its doors exceptionally at 5 p.m., one hour earlier than usual. “From an organizational point of view, it’s easier to be able to serve regular customers from 6 p.m.,” shares Tilak Anandout. It is also for organizational reasons that the team has decided to only offer margherita to its customers.

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Berruyer restaurant Les Petits Plats du Bourbon donates 2,640 euros to Secours Populaire to help Ukrainians

This kind of event is a first for the Berruyère boutique, but the group has already organized some in 2019 in other cities such as Vierzon “and outside the department in Montluçon in Allier and Sens in Yonne”, adds the manager. . Tilak Anandout ensures that this type of operation should be repeated “in Vierzon, in a fairly close period”.

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