Ingrid Chauvin fulfilled with her companion Philippe Warrin: “The appeasement” found after the guilt

In December 2021, Ingrid Chauvin created a surprise by announcing that she was in a relationship again. Indeed, a year after having formalized her separation with her husband Thierry Peythieu, the father of her son Tom (5 years old) and her daughter Jade who died at the age of 5 months in 2014, the 48-year-old actress confirmed s flourish with another, namely photographer Philip Warrin. The first surprised was Ingrid Chauvin herself, especially since she was not sure of her child’s reaction. But on the occasion of a new interview for the magazine We bothreleased this Tuesday, May 3, 2022, the star of tomorrow belongs to us assured that everything turned out well in the end and that she couldn’t be happier today.

His new relationship has notably brought him “appeasement, serenity, daily softness, well-being…“after suffering for a long time.”It’s very guilt-inducing to make the decision to separate. in relation to her child. But, in the end, my son is doing well. It was even he who asked me why I had no lovers. Life reserves beautiful surprises when you least expect it, when you tell yourself that it’s over.“, she analyzed for our colleagues.

Ingrid Chauvin is also delighted to have fallen on a first love to start her life over. Because she has already dated Philippe Warrin in the past. After being a couple for several months at the time, they parted ways on good terms and remained friends. It was chance that brought them together for a photo shoot for the magazine Gala. I haven’t met anyone, but I found someone. It’s simpler, more reassuring, because we know each other. After eighteen years without seeing each other, we found each other like we never left each other“, she still confided.

And as she declared through an Instagram post for Valentine’s Day, between them, it was immediately “absolutely obvious“.”And it’s just wonderful“, she had concluded.

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