Internet users accuse Maxime of being a thief

Maxime is accused of having stolen a portion of cassava during the night

The noose is tightening on this Tuesday, May 3 in “Koh Lanta: the cursed totem”. And a personality stands out… but not in a good way. On Twitter, viewers agree that Maxime deserves to go. Moreover, they do not hesitate to call him a thief.

A new episode of “Koh Lanta: the cursed totem” is broadcast on TF1 this Tuesday, May 3. The previous week, after the reunification, Setha left the adventure as well as Colin. Week by week, the candidates leave in turn. During this episode, a new challenge: the test of the ball. The objective: not to drop the ball into the water by preventing it from falling with a stick held at arm’s length. François wins the event and invites Ambre to share the comfort with him. The rest of the participants meet at the camp. After their reward, François and Ambre are back at camp. While they have feasted on fruit and enjoyed a massage, the other players come to the table – and it’s much less friendly…

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Maxime accused of stealing

As usual, cassava is included in the meal and leftover food is kept. Except that in the early morning… the bit of cassava that was left has disappeared. The players do not hesitate to quickly denounce Maxime who himself does not confess anything. Indeed, they have already had disagreements with him regarding meals.

The theft of food therefore remains a mystery, but for the participants as well as for Internet users, the culprit can be no one other than Maxime.

Besides this event, Maxime is not particularly appreciated by Internet users, on the contrary. Many want him to leave the adventure. And they don’t hesitate to let it be known on Twitter:

Unfortunately for those who hate Maxime, it is not he who is leaving the adventure this Tuesday, May 3, 2022. The first to say goodbye to his adventurer friends is Pauline, with a particularly difficult and moving goodbye. The second in this episode to leave is Yannick, after being eliminated by the other players.

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