iPad sales: Apple loses ground to Samsung, but the lead remains comfortable

L’iPad was the only downside to the results that‘Apple posted two days ago. The tablet from Apple achieves a turnover in slight decline, which necessarily means that sales have not burst the ceilings. In detail, and if we are to believe IDC, the Cupertino company would have sold 12.1 million iPads in the first quarter of 2022, or 600,000 units less than in Q1 2021 (12.7 million) . This slack (-4.6%) allows Samsung’s Galaxy Tab to redo a small part of their big delay on the iPad.

With growth of 3.5% in Q1, Samsung’s tablets passed the 8.1 million sales mark, for 21.1% market share. It’s better, but it’s still 10 points below the share of the iPad (31.5% of market share). At least Samsung knows that its direct competitors are even further away: Amazon has a market share of 3.7% (+6.3% in sales), Lenovo 3% (-25.9%!) and Huawei 2, 2% (-17.2%). The tablet market as a whole fell 3.9%.

Notably, sales of iPads were more than twice as high as sales of Chromebooks over the period under consideration (machines which generally provide the same uses as the iPad). Only 5.1 million Chromebooks sold in Q1 across all manufacturers.

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