iPhone: How to Change Text Size on Apple Phone?

Looking to change text size on iPhone, but don’t know how? Here is the procedure to follow on the Apple mobile.

If you have no idea how to change iPhone text size. Here’s how to do it. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z about the manipulation to be done on the Apple phone.

State-of-the-art iPhone

On September 23, Apple caused a sensation among lovers of new technologies. And this, for the simple and good reason that the American brand unveiled its latest iPhone.

An extraordinary device that seems to bring together all the elements necessary for optimal use. Starting with an extraordinary memory.

Eh yes ! If the basic version is able to store up to 128 GB of data, it would seem that the Pro and Pro Max models are, for their part, much more powerful.

And for good reason ! These can indeed hold up to 1 TB of files. Either, unheard of in the world of mobile telephony. But that’s not all !

Far from having wanted to settle for an extraordinary storage capacity, the latest iPhone is also much more resistant than its predecessors.

Thus, the contours of the smartphone are made of stainless steel or aluminum depending on the model chosen.

In addition, a novelty has also emerged at the level of the True Depth camera. This is a special notch created for the one and only purpose of protect the Face ID tool when dropped.

A significant little extra that has not failed to win unanimous support from users. Lack of luck, it seems that this genius idea is in danger of disappearing.

But do not panic ! There is no doubt that Apple will find an even more effective solution to combat the fragility of devices.

According to some information, the tool may be completely integrated into the screen of the iPhone 16. Still a little patience… MCE TV tells you more!

iPhone: How to Change Text Size on Apple Phone?

Change text size on Apple smartphone

Anyway, writing is not about you tout the latest iPhone. If we are gathered today, it is to teach you how to do a very simple manipulation.

Eh yes ! If you have vision problems or just want to change the text size on the new gen mobile, know that it is possible.

And there is nothing easier. To do this, start by entering your “Settings”. Thereafter, you will have to go to: “Control Center”.

Once you have completed this step, all you have to do is follow “More controls” and search for “Text Size”. If you want to add it to your control center, tap on the plus sign which is located at the top left of the screen.

Thus, you will be able to adapt the size of the text which is displayed on your iPhone to each application. To do this, you will need to enter the desired app and then access the control center.

“Text Size” should now be displayed. Click and you will only have to choose. You can also decide if you want to apply this change to single app or all apps from your iPhone. A genius idea, isn’t it?

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